Brainsight® Microsurgical Robot

The robot is able to hold and manipulate tools in the surgical space with very high accuracy in small animals such as mice, rats, and marmosets

Robotiq FT Sensor Java

An unofficial Java package for cross-platform serial communication with a Robotiq FT Sensor


Simple, static keywords extractor webapp using NLP + React + webpack


LaTeX + GitHub Actions + Jamstack automated professional CV

Kuka LBR iiwa Examples

Application and programming examples for the KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800

Personal Site

Personal website, portfolio, and blog built using the Jamstack


Simple Twitter CLI for day-to-day social media hygiene


The Python Toolbox for Robotics

How I Hired a Senior Full-stack Developer in Colombia through VanHack

I recently had the opportunity (before the travel bans) to take part in a software developer recruiting mission in Medellin, Colombia through VanHack. VanHack is an interesting recruiting agency that connects international tech professionals with companies.

Pybotics: Python Toolbox for Robotics

Modern robotic programming relies on offline simulation to reduce process downtime. In a virtual environment, application specialists can program, visualize, and test their robotic application before deploying it to the real production environment. …