7 Things I Wish Candidates Knew

Recruiting isn’t easy. It can be a long and tedious process, especially for startups when you’re building the infrastructure to support rapid growth. I used to think that recruiters and hiring managers were cold and rude.

10 Things I Wish They Taught in Engineering School

I spent a good part of my life in school, much of it studying engineering. From a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and biomedical engineering to a Ph.D. in collaborative robotics and machine learning, it was quite an adventure.

How to Make Hardware Development More Agile

People say that you can’t do agile hardware development. I don’t believe that. While I’m not a fan of all the hype and buzz around “Agile,” I do believe in the core principles.

Silicon Valley Robotics: Online Robotics Job Fair

Are you looking for a job in robotics? Halodi Robotics is hiring!

Hardware in the Loop: Training Robot Contact in an Unstructured Environment

This talk presents the story and software architecture behind an experimentally tested, machine learning framework for robot contact classification and motion control using a KUKA LBR iiwa robot, gRPC, and Python.

Silicon Valley Robotics: Bots Beverages Online

It's National Robotics Week so let's celebrate!!

Eve Humanoid Robot

The EVE humanoid robot from Halodi Robotics is a fully integrated plaform that utilizes game-changing Direct Force Control™ technology for natively compliant operation


The AON-M2 is an affordable, advanced additive manufacturing machine that is designed to print high quality parts with the widest range of thermoplastics on the market

Brainsight® Microsurgical Robot

The robot is able to hold and manipulate tools in the surgical space with very high accuracy in small animals such as mice, rats, and marmosets

Robotiq FT Sensor Java

An unofficial Java package for cross-platform serial communication with a Robotiq FT Sensor