Social Hygiene: Pruning my Twitter Feed with Plumes

While scrolling through my Twitter feed recently, I began to get a little annoyed at the amount of content that I was simply not interested in. In engineering terms, my signal-to-noise ratio was way too low.


Simple Twitter CLI for day-to-day social media hygiene

Tip of the Day: Automate Google Lighthouse Tests on Your Netlify Build Pipeline

Google Lighthouse is an automation tool for auditing and improving the quality of web pages. Measured metrics include performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. It also has a CLI app for command line automation.

Tip of the Day: User-based Settings Configuration for Python With Dynaconf

Configurations vary substantially across deployments, but code does (should) not change. An important approach to configuration management is to use config files. dynaconf is one of my favourite packages for achieving this in Python.