Converting GoPro Timelapse Images to a Video with Imagemagick and ffmpeg

Recently, a crane was built in front of where I live and I wanted to capture a timelapse of the construction process. It’s been a while since I’ve made a timelapse with my GoPro and I wanted to document a workflow for future use.

Tip of the Day: Automate Google Lighthouse Tests on Your Netlify Build Pipeline

Google Lighthouse is an automation tool for auditing and improving the quality of web pages. Measured metrics include performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. It also has a CLI app for command line automation.

Tip of the Day: Recursively Delete Empty Folders

Stuck with many nested folders, some of which may be empty?

Tip of the Day: Quickly Share Files with Python and ngrok

Sometimes I just need to transfer a file across computers without the fuss of ssh, Google Drive, Firefox Send, etc. Examples include: Sharing a large video file with a colleague Transferring eBooks to a Kobo using the beta web browser Making a local share for a team to access data Setting Up the Web Server In your terminal, run the following:

Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi

As a follow up to a previous post about Raspberry Pi setups, I recently found out that Ubuntu has an official server distribution for Raspberry Pi. Here are my steps to setting up a Raspberry Pi for development and testing.

Profiling Python Code

Figure out the bottlenecks in your Python scripts.

Resize and Convert All Images in a Directory

mogrify is part of the ImageMagick suite of tools. It’s simple, powerful, and easy to use.

Skipping YouTube Ads With VLC

Ads sucks… so skip them.

Setting Up a Raspberry Pi for Dev Side-projects

The Raspberry Pi is a great device for dev side-projects, such as a home media station, an IoT device, or a local server. Here are some of my go-to configurations when setting one up.

Spelling Is Next to Godliness

Spelling and grammar are very important. However, when in a rush, we tend to neglect these important aspects. Search engines and humans readers usually don’t appreciate content that includes spelling or grammatical errors.