AON3D Takes Part in Code Life Ventilator Challenge to Help Ease the COVID Crisis

The Code Life Ventilator Challenge, hosted by the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, brought together professionals to design a low-cost, simple, and easy-to-manufacture ventilator that can serve patients experiencing COVID-19 respiratory challenges in a short timeframe.

Des milliers de visières fabriquées grâce à l’impression 3D

La demande a explosé pour les visières ces dernières semaines, constate le chef de l’ingénierie d’AON3D, Nicholas Nadeau. L’entreprise spécialisée en impression 3D a même reçu des demandes des hôpitaux de New-York pour des visières.

The Products by Design Podcast

Episode 56 - Nicholas Nadeau Engineering Manager at AON3D discusses additive manufacturing

Coronavirus: Montréal Companies Rush to Start Making Medical Equipment

“This has been a whirlwind two weeks,” Nicholas Nadeau, head of engineering at AON3D, said Friday in a telephone interview. “First we had to learn to become a virtual company, and now we’ve pivoted the company into a medical equipment manufacturer.

How AON3D Finds New Funding Opportunities

Meet AON3D, the creators of 3D printers for high-end thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™, and more.