Eve Humanoid Robot

The EVE humanoid robot from Halodi Robotics is a fully integrated plaform that utilizes game-changing Direct Force Control™ technology for natively compliant operation


The AON-M2 is an affordable, advanced additive manufacturing machine that is designed to print high quality parts with the widest range of thermoplastics on the market

Brainsight® Microsurgical Robot

The robot is able to hold and manipulate tools in the surgical space with very high accuracy in small animals such as mice, rats, and marmosets

Brainsight® Deep Brain Stimulator

An implantable and battery powered stimulator that can be used for any stimulation protocol in most animal models

Veterinary Surgical Planning and Custom Implant Design

Brainsight® Elevate TMS

Approved by Health Canada for cortical stimulation, ElevateTMS offers more control in the pulse and how the pulse interacts with the brain than any TMS device available today

Brainsight® TMS Chair

Brainsight® NIRS

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) non-invasively probes the concentration and oxygenation of hemoglobin in the brain to detect changes induced by brain activity

Robotiq FT Sensor Java

An unofficial Java package for cross-platform serial communication with a Robotiq FT Sensor


Simple, static keywords extractor webapp using NLP + React + webpack